About Amazon

Amazon was creaty be Jeff Bezos in 1994. Amazon is engaged in electronic trade. He sell first book on 1995, one year after open.

Amazon is the biggest web shop on the world. In the beginning there was only bookstore. But after the explosion of populary, he added new kind of products. Then he start revolution of internet shops. Today you can buy practically everything what you want. Amazon headquarters is located in Seatle.

Trivis about Amazon

  • Amazon was create by Jeff Bezos.
  • In 2014 In 2014 years amazon have 154.100 workers!
  • They earned on 2014 88,988 mld USD!
  • To corporations Amazon also includes such websites as: Alexa Internet, Joyo.com (Amazon.cn) SoundUnwound and IMDb.

That logo of Amazon:


What you can buy now on amazon?

  • Movies on DVD, Bluray, CD
  • Music,
  • computeres, laptops
  • games,
  • car parts,
  • electronics,
  • furniture,
  • food commodities
  • phones,
  • cameras,
  • and more…
  • realy more…!

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